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The Texas Offenders Re-entry Initiative (TORI), started at the Potter’s House, is giving former inmates a chance at a new beginning.

After seeing the need for a rehabilitation program for inmates trying to re-enter society, Bishop T.D. Jakes started TORI in 2004.On Saturday, 100 participants of the 12 month program graduated.

To walk a mile in the graduates’ shoes, is to take quite a rough journey. Decisions each of them made in the past landed them in prison.

“30 years,” said TORI graduate, Frank Jenkins Jr. “I done 30 flat and I’ve been out about 16 months now.”

A year ago, standing 100 strong, the men and women who graduated Saturday decided to fight.

“To climb, to stretch, to grow and go, and turn my life around and stop looking back so I could see where I was going,” said TORI graduate, Sandra Wagner.

The Texas Offenders Re-entry Initiative showed Wagner the light she needed to move forward.

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