There is one area where single Christians are stuck wrestling with an issue that is specifically related to their singleness: it’s not community or ministry; it’s sex. While all Christians are called to chastity, for married couples that means forsaking all others besides their spouse. For the rest of us, it means forsaking sex, period. This is tough enough when you’re re a teenager. It’s an even greater challenge if you’re still single—or single again. Our society has a tendency to make adults feel as if they are not normal if they are not “sleeping around”. When someone says they are chaste they are laughed at and ridiculed.

As more Christians are single longer and longer, we need to think about sex. The issue is not whether we want to cave into cultural pressures and toss the church’s teachings about sexual morality out the window; instead it’s why many single Christians do not give those teachings the time of day, and what we can do to help people live chastely.

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