As a young man he dedicated his life to Jesus Christ at the age of 16 during the Spring of 2001. Since the ambition to be a rap artist burned in his heart he was inspired to produce a gospel rap album “In God We Trust”. Using this tool he performed at local churches in Alvin, TX. including the south side region of Houston, TX. Life would soon take an unexpected turn for Anthony and his family once his mother was diagnosed with “Lupus”.

During the Fall of 2001 learning to trust in Gods’ ultimate plan was a lesson lived by faith when he watched his mother die in Memorial S.E. Hospital. Continuing to walk with his cross and keep the family strong he persevered in the ministry. Seven months later while living in Alvin, TX. he received a phone call on the morning of “Good Friday” March 29, 2002. This would be the devastating blow to his walk with Christ. The news of his identical twin brother dying in an alcohol related car accident shook his foundation.

Overwhelmed with confusion he then put his cross down and decided to pursue a career in gangster rap music. In 2003 with the help of management and 3 rap artists he produced the album “Recognize tha Real”. This project credited his talents in the Texas underground hip hop scene throughout 2003 and 2004. Although he turned his back on God, he couldn’t deny the burden of love his heart still contained. As a positive result he produced a solo album “Southern Comfort” consisting of both positive and inspirational rap music in 2005.

Anthony (litarodi) received the “Best Up and Coming Latin Rapper in Texas Award” at the 2005 Texas Latin Rap Awards Corpus Christi. His former senior high school counselor knew his extreme potential and helped establish himself as a motivational speaker for H.I.S.D. While uniquely impacting the lives of about 10,000+ students he knew he found his calling.

Unfortunately during the Summer of 2006 he mistakenly tried launching his talents into the night club atmosphere of Houston, TX. Beneath the surface his spirit and soul experienced extreme conflicts resulting in both responsible and irresponsible decisions. Upon his approach to what seemed like the end of his rope he lost his possessions including his health. On September 22, 2006, Anthony (litarodi) suffered a heart attack.

After living through trial and tribulation this surely seemed his final hour. The unique and talented diamond in the ruff artist would soon be a memory. Thank God he never lost his faith and perseverance. On September 24th 2006 his father led him to repent and reconcile with Jesus Christ. Shortly after the cardiologist test results came back showing no signs of a damaged heart. Anthony (litarodi) is now fully recovered and back on the front lines of ministry. He is sharing his life testimony as living proof of what God can also do for you. Currently working on his new album “THE TRANSITION” he’s allowing God to restore relationships and faith of all who hear his testimony. Demand for his music and motivational speaking show no flaws of slowing down. Daily impacting lives on a rescue mission is…