Have you ever had one of those days or weeks where you are bombarded with disappointment and frustration? Before you can recover from one blow, you are hit with another? Well, I have and this week has been one of them.

When I encounter challenging times, I use various methods to calm myself and regain my peace of mind. Usually I will pray, read the Word, or spend time talking to God. This week I needed to calm myself before entertaining any of the above methods. This time I turned to worship. Music is cathartic for me. I find much solace in music. The words move, inspire and uplift me. I am a true lyricist in the sense that, it is all about the message in the music. During my state of frustration, the song Not the time Not the place by Marvin Sapp came to mind. I had not heard the song in a while but the words just began to pour out in my spirit- its not the time not the place, just believe in the faith, gotta learn how to wait, keep holding on. It felt like the Lord was saying keep going, don’t quit, and keep fighting.

I would like to share that same message with you. What you’re facing might be hard, it might be tough. Keep fighting. Keep going. Don’t quit- this is not the time, not the place. Below is the audio of the song, as well as the lyrics. Allow the message of this song to minister to you.

Be encouraged in the Lord. May God’s loving grace and peace minister to you and bring you the tranquility that you desire.

Much love,


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