Family Negotiates Homework Ban

Via: The Globe And Mail

Two Canadian parents have waged a successful battle against homework.  “The Globe and Mail” reports that Calgary, Alberta lawyers Sherri and Tom Milley recently won a negotiation to exempt their two youngest children from homework.  The anti-homework campaign began after the couple’s eldest son, Jay, now 18-years-old, resisted his nightly assignments at every turn.  Sherri said, quote, “It was a constant homework battle every night.  It’s hard to get a weeping child to take in math problems.  They are tired.  They shouldn’t be working a second shift.”  Determined to win her case, Sherri collected studies on homework that produced no clear link between take-home studies and school performance.  Now, the two youngest Milley children — Spencer, age eleven, and Brittany, age ten — will enjoy more free time in the evenings.

Under the Milleys’, quote “differentiated homework plan,” the two young students promise to get all of their work done in class, to come to school prepared and to be ready for quizzes.  However, the children’s teachers are legally banned from sending home any additional work

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