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If you’re like me and don’t have any immediate family around you or can’t afford a plane ticket this holiday season, don’t panic! Being a single girl can be a fun way to bond with friends and have a warm Thanksgiving at the same time. Here’s some ideas for all you single ladies out there on how to make your Turkey Day the best it can be!

1) Have A Pot Luck

If you and a few of your closest girlfriends are stuck in your town over Thanksgiving why not invite them over for a potluck! This way all the cooking isn’t left up to you and each person can whip up their family’s best holiday recipe to share!

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2) Shop Cheap

If you are hosting any type of gathering and you’re a little short on dinnerware, don’t panic! There are great deals going on and great places that have cute and cheap plates and serving dishes! Here’s a few of my favorite places to shop for the kitchen:

3) Look Forward To TV Marathons!

Check out for the TV listings on Thanksgiving Day to see which of your favorite shows are going to be on all-day marathons!

4) Avoid Alcohol

I know it seems like a great idea to have a relaxing glass of wine with your holiday meal but if you’re alone it might make you depressed. Try going outside and enjoying some energizing activities like taking a walk in the park or a leisurely bike ride. Plus, you’ll burn off some of those Thanksgiving meal calories!

5) Cook A Thanksgiving Dinner For One

If you think cooking a holiday dinner is impossible to do for one person, think again! Here’s how to cook a simple dinner for one AND under $35!!

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