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Data Entry is a huge industry in which a person from any field can work. All you need at home is a computer and Internet service. Sometimes, not even that. Most of the times, the jobs are as simple as completing forms. This job can get monotonous but with limited time being spent every evening and with no brain cracking work it is an easy way to earn some good money. This is one of the most upcoming part time jobs from home.

Beauty Salon

A beauty salon is another such option for most women. You can open up a beauty salon in your house and work there only in the day time. Rest of the day you can either keep it shut or keep some assistants who will handle the salon in your absence. This kind of work however, will require prior knowledge of the field and some experience too. A little bit of investment will have to be done in the infrastructure and maintenance as well. This may lead to job stress at times when the clients increase beyond capacity on certain days.

Teaching Jobs

Teaching jobs again are very famous among part time jobs from home. They require no investment and advertising too, is optional. Word of mouth publicity is enough. There is job satisfaction as well since you are teaching different things to different people and it never gets monotonous while dealing with so many kids everyday. This is one of the most common part time jobs from home for moms.

Car Wash

If you are tired of all that job search and filling out of job applications, starting a car wash facility is a very good option for students, especially men. Though this part time job from home requires some investment, the money earned is equally good. You can start on your own and then hire other people to work for you. Later, once you have people to work for you, you can shift to some other part time job from home.

Baby Sitting

One of the most famous summer jobs, baby sitting is a very common job among the youth. A lot of parents require baby sitters from time to time and specially on weekends. This job can be done alongside another job and you’ll earn double at the end of the day. This is very famous among jobs for teens. Kids find it more fun to be with teens than older people.

Internet Jobs

Internet home business and online jobs are the most contemporary part time jobs from home for students. You just need an Internet service, which most students already have, and some basic knowledge of computer working. There is a lot of variety in what you do on the Internet. Right from marketing to software development, everything can be done sitting at home.

Customer Care

Now a days, many companies have job openings in customer care. All you have to do is handle the customer calls from home and maybe go through an initial training. This being a part time job from home without investment, you can start with this job anytime you want without much thinking. The payments in these jobs are really good and even freshers can apply.

Art Handicrafts

If you are bored of those data entry and accounting jobs and are good with art, you can learn to make some handicrafts at home and sell them through neighborhood shops and local markets. All of us like to have lovely pieces of art in our homes without spending a great deal on them. You can make what is in demand and sell these handicrafts at lower prices to increase demand.

Cooking/Dance Workshops

If you are a good cook and know how to cook a few cuisines, you can start cooking workshops of your own. You can keep these workshops only for the weekends and do some other work at home job during the week. This will give you some variety in what you are doing and again, there isn’t much investment needed. This is a very good option for work at home moms. Dance workshops is another option with similar requirements.

Blogs and Content

Blogs are in demand now a days with people writing about everything from what they experience in their day to day lives to ideas they share with people who are in need of them. Companies pay people to write on their websites or about their websites. If you are good at writing, this is an option you can think seriously about. Providing content for websites is a similar job which you can take up. Increase your job search and you’ll find a number of companies looking for writers all over the world.