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A Bonne Terre, Missouri, man has become the first Missouri Lottery player to win $1 million or more on a scratch-off ticket more than once.

Ernest Pullen, 57, won $1 million on a 100 Million Dollar Blockbuster scratchers ticket in June. He doubled that prize with his most recent win — $2 million on a Mega Monopoly scratchers ticket he purchased on Sept. 17.

Pullen relocated from Pevely to Bonne Terre after his first big win. That left him with a new favorite store where he bought the lucky ticket; Miller’s Quick Shop, 1601 St. Francois Road, in Bonne Terre. Pullen said he has now “fulfilled his dream.”

“About six years ago, I had a dream that I won a lot of money,” recalled Pullen.

Even though he won $1 million earlier this year, Pullen didn’t feel like he had completed the dream yet. He does now.

“All the numbers I dreamed about, and all my lucky numbers, were on the card,” he explained. “I might buy a Powerball and a Mega Millions, but that’s about it.”

Pullen opted to take the cash payment, instead of the annuity, for both of his wins. He will receive a payment of $1.3 million before taxes. Plans for the money include fixing up his new house.

“It needs a new seawall on the lake,” he said.

Pullen said he considers himself a “lucky guy,” and his string of wins validates that assessment. Although he only plays games that offer big prizes, winning two top prizes on a Scratchers game is rare. He doesn’t expect it to happen again.

“My wife said she’s winning the next time!” exclaimed Pullen.