A woman was banned from a Houston-area mall. What do you think she did that made her unwelcome at Deerbrook Mall for the next 10 years?

The answer might surprise you.

Latasha Connor was escorted out of the mall by security and banned from going back for the next decade.

She says it all started when an Humble Police Officer told her she was too loud when she greeted someone in the food court.

The 10-year-ban from the mall came at the request of that officer.

“He really wanted to ban me for life but the mall cops said, ‘Sir, we can’t do life’,” says Latasha Connor.

Connor says she and her friend had gone to a matinee movie at Deerbrook on Thursday afternoon.

After the show they went back to the food court for a second round of cinnamon rolls.

Connor says in a raised, excited voice she went to the counter and said this to the clerk.

“Hey Marquise, what’s going on? Time for another Cinnabon. I’m back”.

Connor says the officer walked up behind her.

“He was just like, ‘Ma’am, ma’am is there a problem?’ I said no sir there’s not a problem.”

The 30-year old says the Humble officer told her she was being too loud and asked her for identification.

She says she left her license in the car but gave him her name and date of birth.

The officer checked her record but still wouldn’t let her leave.

“I think he was looking for warrants or something to take me to jail for,” Connor says. “I’ve never been in trouble before. I don’t have a criminal record, law abiding citizen, work, pay taxes.”

Connor says none of that seemed to matter.

“I was mortified. It was demeaning. I’m standing there for 15 minutes while he called the mall cops to come. People are walking by, pointing, staring, looking like I’m a criminal,” says the college graduate.

That’s when she was given the criminal trespass warning. A document that spells out in black and white that she was banned from the mall for 10 years for “Failure to ID”.

Connor says she’s still embarrassed and insulted.

“I got in my car and cried. I don’t cry that much. I cried all the way home,” Connor says.

The General Manager of Deerbrook Mall Justin Roche responded to FOX 26 Reporter Damali Keith, saying they would review rescind the 10-year band and Connor’s case to see if the ban was appropriate.

After reviewing the case, Roche said the ban was thrown out and Connor would be welcome back at the mall.