There are reports out today that the New Orleans Saints, reigning Super Bowl champions (and doesn’t that sound odd?), have asked Lakers point guard Derek Fisher to deliver a pregame speech for their season opener against the Minnesota Vikings on Sept. 9.

The Saints evidently believe that Fisher can give them insight into claiming back-to-back titles. With five rings to wear on his fingers, which include a three-peat from earlier this decade and the last two NBA championships, it’s hard to argue with his success as a floor leader and champion. It didn’t hurt that he’s played with some superstars — Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, for those really wondering — and had what many consider the sport’s best coach if not finest motivator in Phil Jackson.

I don’t believe there’s any confirmation from either party. But if you caught Fish as the guest host on ESPN’s Jim Rome Is Burning, you know he’s got the composure and delivery to hold an audience. He looked almost too professional as he interviewed Kobe in his sporting attire.

What do you think, Laker-holics? Does Fish have the chops to deliver a motivational speech to a bunch of guys who run around each week like gladiators in armor? Seems to me that’d be a tough crowd.

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