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A Kenner woman was jailed  because her low-riding pants revealed too much of her rear end in a Jefferson Parish courtroom was released Saturday after spending two days behind bars.

Kimberly Senette, 23, was sentenced to 10 days in the parish jail after Judge Steve Windhorst of the 24th Judicial District Court found her in direct contempt of court for the fashion infraction. Senette could not be reached Monday, and members of her family twice declined to speak with a reporter last week. Senette was in court urging her little brother to accept a plea deal. When Windhorst noticed Senette’s pants while working cases on his criminal docket, he told the woman he wasn’t offended by her pants, but the attire showed disrespect for the court, witnesses said.

He ordered her to be taken into custody. Senette blamed her low-riders on courthouse security, which she said told her to remove her belt apparently because of the medal detectors. Her brother, meanwhile, pleaded guilty to carjacking and simple battery, and Windhorst sentenced him to 12 years in prison. While Windhorst gave her the 10 days, he privately ordered her release shortly after holding her in contempt of court Thursday.

On Friday, his office notified the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center by fax to release Senette at 11 a.m., Saturday, according to the order his office released Monday.