So, you’re thinking about having a wedding at outside…maybe even at home. You think it will be easier, and most importantly, cheaper. Here’s a behind the scenes look of things to consider when hosting a wedding and reception at home. Let’s say you’re planning an outdoor event at home with 150 guests.

Rain — What is your rain plan? Considering renting a tent in case it rains. Some rental companies will let you put the tent on your rental order and then remove it the week of the event if the weather looks like it will cooperate. However, some won’t let you remove the tent from your order within two weeks of the event. Make sure you look into their policies. Also, if it appears that it may rain couple of days before your event, you may want to have the tent erected to protect the grass from being muddy on your wedding day.

Electricity — You may need to bring in extra electricity for an outdoor wedding at home….especially if you have a band and extensive outdoor lighting. Your lighting vendor or band may be able to guide you on this if you don’t have an electrician.

Lighting — If your event goes into the evening hours, you don’t want your guests stumbling around in the dark. Look into hiring a lighting vendor to light your dance area, food areas and areas where guests will be parking.

Bathrooms — With 150 guests, you may want to look into renting portable bathrooms. Having so many people parade in and out of your house to visit the bathroom multiple times over 5 or 6 hours can be difficult. And I’m not referencing those horrible construction portable potties you see on the side of the road. You can rent bathrooms for events that are incredibly luxurious. I’m talking hardwood floors, marble countertops, running water, air conditioning, all of the conveniences of being inside.

Parking — Think about where your 150 guests will park. If there isn’t parking available near your home for that many people, perhaps you can encourage guests to park at a local church or mall and you can provide shuttle transportation to and from your home. And be considerate of your neighbors. They may not appreciate so many cars lining the streets of your neighborhood.

Neighbors — Speaking of neighbors, you want to keep them happy. Invite them to the party. They’ll be less likely to call the police and complain about the noise if they’re on the dance floor and partaking of your yummy wedding treats!

Permits — Contact your city and find out if you need a permit for having your party. Some cities require you to obtain a block party permit. The cost is minimal and can save you some trouble on the day of the wedding.

While planning an outdoor wedding at home might not be the easiest or cheapest way to go, with the right details, the event will be a huge (and fun) success!

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