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When ABC leaked a first look at the “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale earlier this week, we could tell it was going to be a big episode — after all, there was a shooter roaming the halls of Seattle Grace.

 The back story: A grieving widower was seeking revenge for the death of his wife after a surgery-related complication put her in a coma. It was Derek Shepherd who ordered Lexie Grey to pull the plug on the patient, even though her husband — Mr. Clark — wanted her to live. When a lawsuit against the hospital didn’t bring the closure he was looking for, Mr. Clark returned carrying a gun and, well, you have to see the rest to believe it. But in case you missed last night’s season finale, here’s a quick review of one of “Grey’s” most controversial cliffhangers.

 Mr. Clark’s first victim? The doe-eyed Dr. Reed, who was too busy to help Mr. Clark find his way to Shepherd’s office. His aim was clear, and she went down without a word, leaving her fellow Mercy West resident, April, behind without a best friend.

 as Dr. Alex Karev had a rough year or what? First his wife left him, then his brother came to town and spilled the family secrets, and now this. Karev was the shooter’s second victim, just a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. But this scrappy doc is a fighter, so he pulled himself into an elevator and willed himself to live, only to end up in the care of Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan. As the episode concluded, he was stable at another location, with Lexie by his side. But based on the following exchange, they’ll have some issues to work through next season, assuming he makes it through the summer.

 In the six seasons we’ve been following “Grey’s,” Dr. Miranda Bailey has cried maybe a handful of times. Last night, she broke down twice, both times with Mercy West resident Charles at her side. The first time was moments after the shooter fired on Charles while he was hiding in a patient’s bathroom; the second when Charles’ survival depended on a functioning elevator. She’d promised not to mince words with her colleague-patient.

 Once the shooter set eyes on Shepherd, it was up to Dr. Yang to save his life. Meanwhile, Owen had a decision to make: was he going to pick Cristina or Teddy? In the end, he made his choice with Teddy’s blessing and went back into the hospital to find Cristina. Little did he know, Cristina had her hands full and could use some help.

 While Drs. Yang and Avery managed to trick the shooter, their work still wasn’t over: the Chief (Shepherd, that is) was still in critical condition. And while the chief’s prognosis is good — he was asking for his wife by the end of the episode — a lot of things still hang in the balance, including Meredith’s miscarriage. Just when things are looking up for these star-crossed lovers, fate has to step in the way.

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