Consider every possibility when looking out for your child’s safety. Look at your home and surrounding area and ask, “What could happen?” Take steps to prevent something from happening.

Preventing Falls

1. Use gates on staircases to prevent children from falling down the stairs.

2. Keep the floor dry and free of objects. Protect terraces, windows, and other elevated areas with gates or locks. Cover any holes in the patio with durable material that children cannot move.

3. Utilize non-skid rugs and carpets with non-skid backings or tack rugs and carpets down securely.

4. Use anchor guards to stabilize furniture and appliances that could trip over.

Preventing Burns Ensure that children do not play in the kitchen or near the stove or other electrical appliances. When cooking on the stove, use the back burners or keep pot handles turned inward.

1. Store lighters and flammable liquids on a top shelf or in a locked room.

2. Avoid leaving burning candles at home.

3. Make sure all your electrical appliances are in good working order. Use outlet protectors or heavy furniture to cover all unused electrical outlets.

4. Put all electrical cords out of children’s reach, where they cannot play with or get tangled in them. When having a B.B.Q., keep children away from the B.B.Q pit. Always check the bath water temperature before placing your child in the tub.

5. Protect your children from the sun with sunscreen and protective clothing, such as hats.

Preventing Poisoning

1. Keep all medicine, poison or detergent in a high place, safe and out of reach of children.

2. Keep foods refrigerated and dispose of expired food products.

3. Do not use a B.B.Q. pit within the home or in an enclosed space with little ventilation.

4. Have the telephone number to poison control accessible.

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