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Kwame Kilpatrick, the disgraced former mayor of Detroit, has a message for the city he used to lead: Let’s move on.

“The city has not been allowed to move forward, and the city has not been allowed to heal,” Kilpatrick said Wednesday in an exclusive interview with The Dallas Morning News. “And I think more than anything, it’s time for everyone to move on.”

Kilpatrick, who now lives in Southlake, resigned as the Detroit mayor in 2008 and spent 99 days in jail for lying under oath about having an affair. He joined his wife and sons last year in the swanky suburban Tarrant County town, determined to rebuild his life.
At the end of the month, Kilpatrick will fly back to his hometown, enter a courtroom and find out whether he’s going back to jail. A judge last month warned him to “have your affairs in order” after determining Kilpatrick was guilty of violating terms of his probation.