I know you may be wondering what is on my mind to make me want to write this. Well, I just finished reading an article that quotes the Governor of Texas Rick Perry as saying that President Obama has put a target on Texas.. What? Come on now? I don’t normally write about politics but, I think these type of statements birth hate and contempt.

His reasoning, it says in the article, was because the President didn’t mention Houston, when revising his plans for the space agency NASA.  So that equates to “a target on Texas”, really??? I believe our president is really trying hard to make things better with the horrible cards he has been dealt. I do believe that the Johnson Space Center should be protected and not left out because of the amount of jobs that would be lost, not to mention, the educational value and recognition it brings to our city. But to suggest that our president is intentionally trying to hurt Texas or Houston in particular, is totally ridiculous and its really disturbing as a Christian and an individual.

As a christian we are called to “Pray” for our leaders to succeed and be protected. 1 Timothy 2:1-4  This pleases God!!!  Anyone who spreads false and misleading statements has broken the ninth commandment Deuteronomy 5:20  and God dislikes that and is not pleased.

So I pray for them both.. That God would protect and guide our president to rule with righteousness and That God would touch the heart of our Governor to love, govern with righteousness and to be slow to speak and quick to listen.

Well, That’s my too cents….

Let’s Pray Ya’ll…..

Here’s a link to the article in reference


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