Nearly 200 Fort Bend Independent School District teachers won’t be returning to the classroom next year, KPRC Local 2 reported Tuesday.

Students and parents said they attended the district’s board meeting Monday evening because they still wanted to have their say.

Last month, a memo from the district’s superintendent noted the district is $20 million in the hole and 470 positions would be eliminated. About 100 of those were teachers whose job was to help special needs students.

“We haven’t been given any explanation for how they have arrived at the numbers that they have,” said Gary Krueger, father of a special needs student. “It seems like we’re not getting a fair shake relative to other cuts in the district.”

The district said the reduction in special education staff is necessary to more appropriately align staff with the district’s current student population.

“It’s the special needs that need the extra care,” parent Kat Nguyen said.

Officials said 195 certified teaching positions, 80 certified non-teaching professional positions and 195 non-certified positions will be cut.

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