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The Travis County Sheriff’s Office has charged Lee Oliver Collins, 25, with burglary of a residence after they say he forced his way into a woman’s West Austin home in order to steal prescription medications. The victim said he originally approached the home trying to sell magazines.

The victim told police that while she was speaking to him at the door about the magazines, he noticed a piano in her living room and entered the home without her permission. The victim said that Collins then began playing the piano.

According to the arrest affidavit the victim tried to move Collins back to the front door several times but was unsuccessful. She told police that she was intimidated by the size of Collins and began conversing with him out of fear for her own safety.

The victim said that Collins then explained that he was a trained massage therapist. He offered to give the victim a massage and began to massage her before she could get away. The victim stated in the arrest affidavit that the massage was very painful. Collins allegedly massaged her on the neck, back, sides, and buttocks according to court paperwork. The victim quickly moved away from Collins towards the front door.

Authorities say it is at this point that Collins asked if the victim’s boyfriend would be home soon. The victim nervously told Collins that her parents were on their way to the home.

The victim says that Collins then asked if he could go to the bathroom. The victim heard Collins opening and closing the cabinets in the bathroom. After she was able to get Collins to leave, she called police.

A sheriff’s deputy was able to spot a person matching the suspect’s description in the neighborhood. This suspect was later identified as Collins. One of the victim’s neighbors approached investigators to inform them that she Collins had tried to get into her home as well.

Collins has been charged with burglary of a residence which is a second degree felony.