According to the website, The Belle Report, the night was filled with power, purpose, praise and laughter as the opening act was Sapp’s own brother: gospel comedian Henry Sapp. Ray Bady, youth pastor at Houston’s windsor village church, served as the host.

Songs including “Freshwind”, written by Jonathon Dunn, “He Has His Hand on You” written by Stan Jones and “Here I Am” had the congregation on their feet, and disappointed only when Pastor Sapp and his singers stopped singing as witnessed by Belle.

One of the top favorite songs for the evening, “He Saw the Best in Me” included these lyrics;

“He saw the best in me, when every one else around me, only saw the worst in me

He’s mine, And I’m His and it doesn’t matter what I did, He only sees me for who I am”

This sounds like another hit CD for Marvin, who has hit his stride after many years in the business.

He told the Belle report, that the above song came to him in the same vein as “Never would have made it” and that he was not going to keep the song had it not been for his label encouraging him to record it.

The project is slated for release in 2010 with a working title of “Here I Am”.

The recording was streamed live at

Here is what Marvin had to say about the recording:

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