Without question, J. Moss has become one of the industry’s most recognizable names and talents. From his edgy urban production with PAJAM to his seemingly limitless vocal range to his eye for talent, Moss is one of the industry’s most well-rounded and credible personalities.

Since his last album, Moss has undergone a set of personal challenges that serve as the backdrop and foundation for his third solo effort, V3… Just James. Ten CD  tracks strong, this album is easily the most honest and transparent work in the Moss catalogue and could be deemed the musical blueprint for restoration.

Not surprisingly, the PAJAM team of Moss and Paul D. Allen (aka “pda”) handle the production for this effort. As one could imagine, this effort was a totally different project for the PAJAM team, as the entire presentation deals with the process of restoration and recovery from a fall (read Editorial: The Power of Redemption). Consequently, the album explores more of a somber and reflective tone in both lyrical and musical content.

Moss writes or co-writes every song on the album and allows each track to recount each step during his journey of restoration. The album’s lead radio single “Restored” showcases the forgiveness and love of God and encapsulates the process of restoration. Throughout the album, Moss offers ad libs that are as honest and revealing as his lyrics relative to his feelings during this place. Moss willingly puts his brokenness on display and easily strikes a chord with anyone who has ever experienced failure or personal disappointment.

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No J. Moss album would be complete without its urban jams and he doesn’t disappoint. Songs like “No More” and “I Gave it Up” fill the fix for blazing dance cuts. However, these dance cuts are filled with heavy and honest content. Both songs deal with renouncing the issues that plagued the Stellar award winning vocalist where he boldly declares that his trading of shameful living and fleshly struggles for a sin-free and guiltless lifestyle.

Don’t miss the wildly infectious “God Happens” that addresses the regular rejection from people that happens during the midst of fall and God’s ability to show up during these challenging times.

Moss also delves into other musical styles that have not traditionally been a part of his repertoire. “So Into You” is an urban/pop worship love song speaking to Moss’ love affair with Christ. “Anointing” tackles the traditional jazz/blues genre that highlights Moss’ incredible vocal prowess. The power of the vocal arrangements deftly blends with the song’s simplistic presentation which makes it another great standout for the acclaimed producer.

Equally infectious is “Holy One”, a definitive Sunday morning jam that will easily find its way into the worship playlists of most praise teams throughout the country.

Cover to cover, J. Moss has shown that you can indeed rebound from life’s challenges and continue to walk in purpose. V3… Just James is a timeless effort that stands to encourage and empower any listener dealing with struggles and difficulties. It’s accessible, reality-based, and transparent. It’s Just James.

Production: J. Moss, Paul D. Allen album release date: Aug 28, 2009

PAJAM/Verity Gospel Music Group

— review by Gerard Bonner