via: Jobless claims have hit a standstill, according to the latest weekly report from the Labor Department. The agency said Thursday that for the week ending Feb. 18, the number of people filing for benefits remain unchanged from the previous week’s revised figure of 351,000 — the lowest tally since March 2008. Read More

(CNN) -- The starting gun has been shot. I can't unwear the gown, unwalk the aisle or unshake the dean's hand. My identity has been profoundly changed by a piece of paper, a diploma that hereby certifies that I graduated from Rutgers University. There is no going back. Now what?

More than 2.5 million unemployed Americans are one step closer to having their unemployment benefits restored.

Man Shocked After Reading Orlando-Based Recruiter’s Ad      via: ORLANDO, Fla. — Job hunters are facing a new trend: businesses asking recruitment companies to keep unemployed people out of their job pools. 

Written by Anthony Balderrama, writer: Job searches, much like first dates, are about giving the other party — in this case the employer — a once-over and presenting yourself in the best possible way. Also similar to first dates, job searches give you several opportunities to make a single mistake that is a real […]

Employers have a new screening method they also use now to determine whether or not they want to hire the you - your Facebook page. This has prompted some job seekers to create aliases so that they aren't found.