via:blackchristiannews   ‘It really is an extraordinary gift, and it’s something you don’t really see,’ said Marc Pollick, president and founder of the Giving Back Fund, which works with athletes and celebrities to identify philanthropic endeavors. Kevin Durant already attained hero status in Oklahoma City for elevating the Thunder to the ranks of the […] –The National Weather Service reports tornadoes have touched down in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. There are reports of damage, including overturned vehicles and uprooted trees. There is no report on injuries just yet.Read More (Credit: Getty Images)

A possible tornado caused widespread damage across several North Carolina counties Wednesday. WSOC reports.

A witness captures a tornado crossing over a freeway near Cranesville, New York.

Here's what some of the survivors experienced: Jeremy Cooper - 'We are so, so lucky' The tornado hit a short distance from the house that Jeremy Cooper of Joplin, Missouri, shares with his family. "It started on 10th Street and I live on 7th Street," he said. Cooper said sirens alerted him to what was in store - but not really. "I could hear the tornado," he said. "When the first siren went off, 'cause it went off twice, you could hear in the air, the wind like a train."

The Praise team helped the Church at Bethel's Family load an 18-wheeler full of clothes, toiletries, and non-perishable food items for our brothers and sisters in Alabama. After enduring the horrific tornadoes that hit the state of Alabama many families are left without any home to return to. Check out some pictures from this blessed relief effort as The Church at Bethel’s Family and Praise 92.1 come together to support Alabama.

by Ed Ryan It’s our job to help our local community when a natural disaster strikes. We stay on the air, at times risking our own lives to make sure everyone else receives the information they need to stay safe. Now, one of our own needs our help. Cox/Birmingham employee Chris Coleman was

A tornado almost a mile wide tore through Mississippi on Saturday, killing at least 10 people and causing significant injuries and damage as it raked cities from the central western border with Louisiana northeastward to Alabama.