Braxton sisters Tawanda, Trina, Traci and their mother Evelyn of “Braxton Family Values” checked into “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show” to talk about what’s coming…

  via:eurweb Tamar is getting her career off the ground again and has signed a solo deal record deal. The youngest Braxton sister has branched out to make her own unique mark in the world of music. Read More

Evelyn Braxton has been out of the dating game for a while. Now she has found love and will be walking down the isle real soon.

The baby of the Braxton Clan, Tamar Braxton, seems to always get what she wants. This time, the fan favorite from 'Braxton Family Values', is geting ready get her close-up with her own series along with her manager/husband Vincent Herbert.

The Braxtons television show has actually shown a light on what women need and want on men. Now, before you get anxious or upset hear me out..

You heard of Toni, but have you met her family. You get the chance to meet all of them in the new reality TV series, "The Braxtons". Click to get the 411.