In today’s edition of the Love Talk, Erica Campbell talks about the fact that texting has become so popular in our society that it often gets in the way of us speaking to each other live and in person! Just because texting is so fast and convenient, doesn’t mean it’s always the best way to […]

Oh boy…this can’t be good. Bishop Secular says he was caught red handed sexting the first lady, also known as his wife! What makes matters worse, it was his…

A listener asks Professor Marcus D. Wiley, what to do after she went through her husbands phone and mistakenly accused him of having an affair.…

Via: defendernetwork.com Navigating the busy morning school drop off or afternoon pickup can be chaotic, and drivers need to be able to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

More than 30 states have banned texting and talking on the phone while driving unless the driver is using a headset or in-car speakerphone.

'Sexting,' text messaging and 'cyber-bullying.' Most parents know the danger is out there, even if they are not quite sure what to do about it.