Distracted driving has become a problem across the country, and lawmakers are zeroed in on addressing hand-held devices and texting while driving.

States are passing a host of new laws, including banning hand-held cell phone use or texting by all drivers, or restricting those activities for a specific group such as teenagers or school bus drivers. More than 30 states have banned texting and talking on the phone while driving unless the driver is using a headset or in-car speakerphone.

To help educate drivers on these laws on how to be responsible and follow the law while communicating on the road, Motorola is promoting the Get Smarter™ campaign as part of National Safe Driving Month.

* Download the Smart Hands-Free application from the Android Market™. This app keeps drivers up to speed with the rapidly changing hands-free laws. It searches for the state you are traveling to and displays the hands-free laws for that area.

* H17txt with MotoSpeak™ is a Bluetooth® headset that helps you keep your eyes on the road by reading incoming text messages in real time. You can customize an automated response and automatically enable text-to-speech when the headset is powered on.