Sexual Abuse

Domestic violence can be broken down into four different types of abuses: emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and financial abuse. Financial guru Deborah Owens discusses…

Sexual abuse is a real issue right in our own neighborhoods. Canton Jones recognized the need to get involved, especially in his hometown of Atlanta,…

Director, producer and actor Tyler Perry has penned an emotional foreward for  a new book titled, “Joining Forces” which helps men cope with being sexually assaulted as children. According to, Perry wrote the foreward free of charge hoping to encourage other  men and boys speak out about it and learn to heal from it. […]

Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General(UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa.) — The latest person to accuse former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse also claims that Sandusky threatened to hurt the boy’s family if he ever told anyone about it. Sandusky’s newest accuser, who is now 29, had not told anyone about the abuse until he […]

Will this expose the sexual misconduct charges against Long as nothing more than a pitiful attempt at money, or will Long see his reputation and respect diminish forever?

Bishop Eddie Long scandal photos, on a cellphone, in his bathroom, were released by plaintiff’s attorney. Bishop Eddie Long’s scandal pictures don’t depict much, showing the Bishop fully clothed, and not validating any of the claims of the plaintiffs.

Sexual coercion accusations, such as the ones leveled at Bishop Eddie Long, can be difficult to prove in court, but cases have been won against other religious leaders, experts say.

A third lawsuit has been against Bishop Eddie Long, alleging he coerced a man to have sex with him, the plaintiff's attorney told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

BJ Bernstein, the lawyer representing the two young men who have accused Bishop Eddie Long of sexual abuse, spoke today about the case.