Director, producer and actor Tyler Perry has penned an emotional foreward for  a new book titled, “Joining Forces” which helps men cope with being sexually assaulted as children. According to, Perry wrote the foreward free of charge hoping to encourage other  men and boys speak out about it and learn to heal from it.

Here’s what Tyler wrote about the book and his involvement on his Facebook page:

“There (are) a lot of boys who have been abused and hurt… Most men never saying a word about it, just suffering in silence,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “I know that this is difficult to talk about or even acknowledge, especially for men. That’s why I am so happy that Dr. Howard Fradkin has written a book called ‘Joining Forces’ to help men who are adult survivors learn to cope, deal and most of all stop suffering in silence.

“I know the pain and the darkness and the shame that we as men can carry when these evil acts have been put upon us.

But I also… know the peace and comfort that comes along with healing from the horror. Healing can start by reading this book.”