Houston school district approves $1.2 M to rename schools honoring the Confederacy. The divisive plan goes into effect for the 2016-17 school year.

Harford County officials blame Freddy Gray's death and the city's past history of unrest for why it’s “not safe” to visit.

Michigan's water crisis in Flint has also opened up concern for the state's school issues in Detroit, U.S. Uncut reports.

Chicago Public Schools Chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett has resigned from office amid a federal investigation into a $20.5 million no-bid contract to one of her former…

The Texas senate education and criminal justice committees are meeting jointly to discuss how schools treat troublesome students. Click below to hear more from News…

Do you think this will spark other strikes in other school districts like HISD? click here for the full story source:

  via:christianpost   A candidate for a position on the Kansas State Board of Education is seeking the complete removal of the Theory of Evolution from public schools.  Jack Wu, a native of California who moved to Topeka after joining the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, is running against 4th District incumbent Carolyn Wims-Campbell, who was […]

via:christianpost World-renowned atheist Richard Dawkins says he supports the mission of England’s Department for Education to make sure every public school in the nation has a copy of the 1611 translation of the King James Bible. “A native speaker of English who has never read a word of the King James Bible is verging on […]

via: Black and Latino students may be getting less critical, but helpful, feedback from teachers than their white counterparts, a new educational study indicates. “The social implications of these results are important; many minority students might not be getting input from instructors that stimulates intellectual growth and fosters achievement,” study researcher Kent Harber, a […]

In a meeting Thursday, the HISD Board voted for a reduction in its workforce. That reduction translates into the laying off over 60 teachers, 26…