The film based on the life of the Queen of Soul features Forest Whitaker, Mary J. Blige, Marlon Wayans and Marc Maron and arrives in theaters on August 13.

The first glimpse of Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson as the late Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin is here. MGM released the first teaser trailer for Respect, the upcoming Franklin biopic starring Hudson, who Franklin personally chose to portray her in a biopic before her death last August of pancreatic cancer. Directed by Liesel Tommy, the first […]

Erica Campbell recalls hanging out at her grandma’s house as kid with all of her siblings. If any of the kids acted up, Erica recalls, their grandma wouldn’t be mean or yell at them, she would pray at them. In this way she would reprimand them in love, as opposed to being antagonistic or spiteful. […]

Our writer today wants to know how she can regain respect in her own home. Her son and girlfriend have been living with her for…

via MSNBC.Com It’s believed that keeping quiet in the workplace could actually hurt (and not HELP) you in the long run. A consistent voice could help: 1. Accelerate Your Career 2. Solidify Your Brand 3. Strengthen Your Influence 4. Create Unexpected Opportunities and 5. Command Respect. Read More to find out the sixth reason on […]

Via: An important aspect of building a strong family is teaching values to your children. Children with strong character are more capable of resisting negative influences.

" I love being Married and I love sharing ways to celebrate what God has ordained". Check this out and plan to join in the celebration.