Celebrate the Joy!

Black Marriage Day 2010, March 28, is right around the corner.  Join us as more than 300 cities and neighborhoods across the country organize events to celebrate marriage in the Black community. 

There are many things you can do for Black Marriage Day 2010.  We are looking for 25 cities to debut the new movie You Saved Me.  Go to the You Saved Me page to watch the trailer and for details. Send email to sign up. Visit the Resources page for ideas and documents you can download to enhance your event.

Consider inducting couples into your  Black Marriage Day Marriage Hall of Fame.  Many cities held fabulous events last year that told the joy and pain of couples struggling against odds to have wedded bliss.  We give you everything you need to have a memorable event.  Find details on the  Resources page.

If you just want to use your own creativity and have an event that represents our community, we welcome that too.  We’ve provided templates for flyers, posters, and press releases.  There are facts sheets too on why marriage matters and why we celebrate Black Marriage Day.  Find details on the Resources page.

BMD 2009 was a great success!!!  In more than 300 cities from coast to coast we celebrated marriage in the Black Community.  There were inductions into the marriage halls of fame, dinners, conferences, vow renewals, and couples jumping the broom in marriage as well as Tom Thumb weddings for children.  There was even a community march for marriage.  Check out our BMD2008(web).ppt to see what you missed and to get some ideas for this year. 

Any entity interested in celebrating the joy of marriage in the Black community can host a Black Marriage Day event.  Organize couples in your family, social or work group to stand up on Black Marriage Day and celebrate marriage. The goal is to change the hearts and minds of the Black community to cherish and celebrate the marriages that we currently have while encouraging more to commit themselves to marriage so more children grow up with the gift of a two parent family.  For more ideas go to the More to Do page.

For more information email us at or call 202-544-1936.





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