Via: Shorter days and cooler nights mean more time spent indoors. For many Americans, this is the perfect season to take simple steps toward a cleaner and more efficient home. According to a recent survey by the Cleaning Institute Organization, 96 percent of people think it’s very important to have a clean home. But […]


Her smile would captivate and light up a room and her huggs and love for God and for others was non-stop. She mirrowed great faith in such a small wonder, her faith far exceeded her years.

Via: We didn’t become the most obese nation in the world overnight and the damage won’t be undone quickly either. However,

We’re all human… chances are you have been through something, you’ve had trials or you’ve been tested. And you have survived to become the person that you are today.

" I love being Married and I love sharing ways to celebrate what God has ordained". Check this out and plan to join in the celebration.