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Traffic Camera Election Ruled Invalid: A U.S. District Judge has ruled the election was invalid to determine if traffic light cameras should have been removed from Houston roadways. Until the decision Friday by Judge Lynn Hughes, the City of Houston and American Traffic Solutions, the company that installed the cameras, were embroiled in a lawsuit. When […]

via: myfoxhouston Just how many people were caught ‘running a red light’ after Houston voters struck down red light cameras? We now knows the answer. The Houston Police Department says 7,298 people were issued red light camera citations between election night and Monday, Nov. 15, the day the cameras went dark. The City of Houston […]

Although voters abolished Houston’s red light camera system Tuesday, the 70 cameras have the green light to keep recording traffic violations for months as the city weighs a legal strategy for exiting its contract with the firm operating the cameras, city officials say.

Houstonians rejected the city’s red light camera program in a hard-fought ballot contest, delivering an immediate $10 million hit to an already dire budget situation at City Hall. With almost all votes counted, a majority of voters put a decisive end to the use of the devices, which had been used to issue more than […]