Today, what’s on GRIFF‘s heart as he speaks to the Lord is the same as what’s in his stomach: food. He talks about how he grapples with the temptation of eating too much food, as well as food that we’re not supposed to eat, like the pig. He speaks on his difficulty losing weight, and […]

The McRib actually has nothing to do with ribs. It's a boneless pork patty molded into the shape of a rib slab and adorned with pickles, onions and barbecue sauce on a bun. The sandwich made its debut in 1981. But McRibs are almost never available at all McDonald's restaurants at the same time. Instead, the Oak Brook, Ill., company offers them in different cities at different times, rarely for longer than a few weeks.

I don’t eat pork however my reasons for not eating it was not because it was cool to say  nor am I Muslim.  I never was a big pork eater, couldn’t eat ham unless it was crispy and rarely enjoyed pork chops.  Swearing off Pork was not a big sacrifice for me.  Its been over […]