Suzanne Somers witnessed for herself the harm toxins from processed foods and beauty products can do. That’s why she wrote the book “From Toxic to…

Organic or all natural. Do you know the diffrence? It seems a lot of us don't and are being mislead into thinking that what's on the label is what it is. Read this article and get a better knowledge of what's in your food.

There’s no reason why all of our favorite foods — from steak to burgers, from pasta to ice cream — can’t be part of a reasonable weight-loss program. We just need to get rid of old thinking. We can reverse the obesogen effect if we simply adopt these four simple laws of leanness:

If you frequent your local grocer, you may have encountered this dilemma while in the produce section--whether or not to buy organic.

It's easy to get sucked into buying a product based on what its label says -- after all, that's what the label's designed to do. And some of those label claims are regulated by the U.S. or monitored by the industry, and they actually mean something.