CNN is reporting that the recent flooding in Pakistan has left 1/5th of the country under water. With about one-fifth of the country underwater, almost 900,000 homes have been damaged, the agency said. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Sunday that while he has visited sites of natural disasters around the world, he has never seen […]


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// From CNN: The Cumberland River is receding in swamped Nashville, Tennessee, but Music City faces a long recovery from the historic flooding. The floods left landmarks, homes and businesses underwater in the country music capital. Text continues after gallery … At least 27 deaths were blamed on flooding in the Southeast, 18 of them […]


Santiago, Chile — As the sun set in Chile on Saturday, a picture of the immense structural damage wrought by an early morning earthquake had come clearly into focus, with the nation’s president estimating that 2 million people had been affected in some way.