It might be more than just the boogie man under your bed!LOL

CNN's David Mattingly reports on the successful search for 11-year-old Nadia Bloom.

via:myfoxhouston An Alabama man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly slapping his two-year-old daughter when she ate some of his Pringles, WBRC reported. Hospital staff called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department after the child was brought to the emergency room with a large hand print and an abrasion on her face, according to WBRC. Sheriff’s deputies […]

Talk about being "Heated!" Thats why you have to pray for your neighbors! LOL

What would you sacrifice for love? Check out what he is trying to do.

ELLISBURG, Ky. – Members of a small central Kentucky church successfully disarmed a man who rode horseback to morning services, then walked into the church with a holstered gun. Police said the man, 43, was arrested about an hour later at a house and charged with public intoxication.

via: the sun The fattest man in the world has had a life-saving operation in the U.K. and lost more than 280 lbs., The Sun reported on Monday. Paul Mason now weighs 685 lbs. – but is believed to still be the heaviest man on the planet. The ex-postman, 48, spent the weekend in intensive […]

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Jan. 27) -- A German man who stuffed 44 small lizards into his underwear before trying to board a flight has been sentenced to prison in New Zealand for plundering the country's protected species.

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