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Erick Charles Erminger has been formally charged in the death of his live-in girlfriend.

According to reports, 44-year-old Erminger called his live-in girlfriend, 28-year-old Jennifer Lynette McKinley to come and get him from a bar on May 18th.

McKinley drove Erminger back to their home on Lake Hills Drive and soon an argument ensued between the two. At some point in time, Erminger allegedly killed McKinley. Erminger then called his mother the next morning and told her that he killed McKinley and that he was planning to commit suicide. The mother then called 911 and went to the home. Erminger was arrested at his residence.

Additional reports indicate that McKinley’s 8-year-old son was inside the home when his mother was killed but reportedly heard nothing. He was released into the custody of his biological father.

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