In Joy Living, Erica Campbell explains why leadership should stay our of messy conversation.

Erica Campbell chats with Bishop J. Drew Sheard, known as “a bridge builder to other denominations,” is the senior pastor at the Greater Emanuel Institution Church of God & Christ in Detroit Michigan, and holds tons of accolades for his work. He talks about his work with millennials in order to “prepare the next tier […]


5 THINGS *FAILING* LEADERS DO –Discount others’ emotions and perspective Failing leaders just don’t pick up on or value other people’s signals. Or, if they do, they don’t care, all demonstrating a fundamental lack of empathy. This emotional intelligence skill relates directly to social awareness. One cannot be a good leader without empathy, period. If […]


5 THINGS *GREAT* LEADERS DO –Read/understand own emotions and recognize the impact on self and others It all begins with the amount of emotional self-awareness you demonstrate, which others around you use as a cue. By developing an accurate view of, and aptly managing, your own emotional responses to situations—and the ways in which you […]

If you disagree with the president on this issue are you still going to vote for him click here to see what pastors are saying. source

  By:Perry Noble via:christianpost   #1 – Devoting more time to an online audience (twitter/facebook) rather than leading your family, your staff and investing in the REAL people that God is bringing to your church every week!  #2 – To go at an unrealistic pace that is completely unsustainable and excusing it by saying that […]

  By: Marielle Thomas via:christianpost There is no such thing as a “perfect” church. Honestly, there will never be a perfect church because the people who occupy the church are imperfect. The only thing perfect in church is the message and purity of the Gospel. Though there is no perfect church, there are healthy and […]

  via:christianpost #1 – You see people as working for you and not with you. #2 – Everyone who pushes back on any of your ideas is automatically branded as disloyal. (Because for you “loyalty” is defined as, “loving everything I say and do!”) Click Here To See All Ten Signs

Via: Three young African American chess players from the New York City area have each become masters before their 13th birthdays. Fewer than 2 percent of the 47,000 members of the United States Chess Federation are masters — and just 13 of them are under the age of 14. For more information on this […]

The inaugural African American National Spelling Bee Championships (AANSBC) will take place in Houston.