(HOUSTON) — You’ll soon have a new area code to remember. The new area code will be 346, which means the 10-county area covering Southeast…

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office and Crime Stoppers are searching for three suspects involved in the aggravated robbery of a home in the Mission…

Join Millions around the country as we come together today in prayer and remember “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord” Psalm 33:12 1. Missouri City-City Hall, 10:00Am – 11:00AM 2. Mickey Leland Federal Building , 1919 Smith Street, 11:30Am – 1:00PM 3. City of Houston – City Hall Reflection Pond, 12:00PM – […]

LifeFlight transported a person injured in a school bus accident in Missouri City Wednesday afternoon.

State health officials urge people to reduce their risk from wildfire smoke by taking the following precautions: Stay indoors or limit outdoor activities as much as possible. Avoid physical exertion. Keep windows and doors of your home shut. If you have air conditioning, run it with the fresh-air intake closed. Set wall units to “re-circulate.” Reduce other sources of indoor air pollution, such as cigarette smoking, burning candles, frying food and using aerosol products or fireplaces. Do not use vacuum cleaners which can stir up dust already inside your home. Keep your airways moist by drinking plenty of water. Consider leaving the area or going to a shelter until smoke conditions improve. Common symptoms of smoke exposure include coughing, scratchy throat, irritated sinuses, shortness of breath, chest pain, headaches, stinging eyes and runny nose.

The Fort Bend Independent School District announced major cuts coming next year. According to Click2Houston.com, they are eliminating 483 positions! Read More

Via: defendernetwork.com With low enrollment at some schools, overcrowding at others, a bleak financial outlook, which includes ever-increasing budget constraints and shrinking funds from the state, the Fort Bend Independent School District says it’s considering closing several of its campuses, including two predominately minority schools.