When performing strength training workouts, use a wide range of repetitions.

Here are some ideas for helping to squeeze some physical activity into your day.

Thinking about how to begin a fitness routine? Good for you!


Healthy lifestyle habits, including healthy eating and physical activities all can help.

Over 24 millions people are living with Diabetes.  Keeping it in control is a lifelong challenge that require support from your family, friends and healthcare…

VIA: MSNBC.Com Breaking up your fitness routine is hard to do. But it’s crucial for avoiding the bigger heartache of overuse injury, fitness experts say. “People tend to do the same thing over and over again, without varying it, without taking adequate rest, without building slowly, and they end up with an overuse injury,” said […]

If you do just one thing to fight fat, exercise might be the way to go, judging by a new study.

Do you remember the free lunches that we got from the school growing up? Or, maybe it was just me that was on the free lunch plan lol. I can’t remember the meals being from gourmet reciepes can you? But these meals are provided by the government right?? Well according to the Chicago Sun Times […]

Imagine being able to workout any time, any place even while watching TV! Even couch potatoes can whip themselves into shape while keeping their eyes glued to the tube: