Core training does two really important things — it helps you look thinner, and it supports your spine and helps with things like balance.

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Slash calories and reap major health benefits in no time with quick bursts of the following fun activities.

Exercising just 15 minutes per day can effectively increase life expectancy compared with little or no exercise at all, according to a recent study in Taiwan involving over 400,000 individuals.

A new UK study has shown that exercising is key in preventing the recurrence of cancer in survivors. This challenges the recommendation that survivors should get more rest and take it easy. All patients getting cancer treatment should be told to do two and a half hours of physical exercise every week, says a report […]

Physical activity is important for your personal health. It builds your strength, slows down aging and improves your posture. You must exercise in order to stay healthy.

Via: Defendernetwork.com The greater Houston area had experienced 30 consecutive days of 90 degree or higher heat before it officially became summer on June 21st. So what better activity for people of all ages to engage in than swimming? Swimming is an activity that burns lots of calories, is easy on the joints, builds muscular […]

Parents and concerned people across the country are voicing their opinion on the recent campaign for Skechers Shape Up  for Girls. The campaign targets young girls only which has people speaking out because of what this message may translate to girls.  Although, some may feel this is a good thing and may support the First […]

If you have kids, you want to make sure they grow up fit and healthy. But you also know it’s hard to juggle work, family, and physical activity-for you alone, never mind for you and your kids. Setting a healthy example is a good start; research shows that parents who are physically active increase the […]

Via: defendernetwork.com It is true that our society has become more relaxed to the idea of exercise. That’s because we think of exercise as running laps at the track, lifting weights or other rigorous, heart-pounding workouts. But, by the time you get home, feed the kids and do a few chores around the house, exercise […]