via:eurweb Dallas Cowboys safety Roy E. Williams got upset recently when he asked Miss Texas USA, Brooke Daniels, for her hand in marriage with a $76,000 ring and was turned down. He sent the ring and his proposal in the mail. Despite the interesting and elaborate proposal, she rejected his request, but kept the ring. […]

Have respect, pride and dignity for yourself. If you let your friends take advantage of you, so will your man. If you come home crying about your job every day without being proactive about getting a new one, your man is not going to find that attractive. Be sexy, sweet, sassy, feminine and most of all, be womanly.

Are you taking the time to enjoy this moment in time?  Enjoy the journey of life and it is important to sometimes pause to celebrate the moment. reminds us that we need to live more in the moment. Living in the moment—also called mindfulness—is a state of active, open, intentional attention on the present. […]


  via:mediatakeout It appears that Shaq and Hoopz are back together again . . . but NOT ENGAGED!!! The couple made their FIRST public appearance since ENDING THEIR ENGAGEMENT nearly two weeks ago. They look to still be in love. But Hoopz is NOTICEABLY not wearing the 10 KARAT diamond that Shaq gave her. And […]