via:christianpost   “Are you sucked into the vortex of vulgarity?” asked pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, during his Sunday sermon on vulgarity, the second in his ongoing “Cool Aid” series exploring the crossroads of Christianity and culture.  Young’s message actually began with a short home-made video of him driving to […]

  via:christianpost   “Are you drinking culture’s Cool-Aid?” asks Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. In his new “Cool-Aid” sermon series kicking off this weekend, Young urges people to stop giving in to social norms on issues like homosexuality and same-sex marriage and instead turn to the truth of God.  Young, who […]

Pastor Ed Young hit the pulpit this past weekend in a Ferrari.After causing a stir on Twitter for tweeting “Someone just gave me a brand new FERRAI!!!! (sic),” the Fellowship Church pastor literally drove one onto the church stage on Sunday. But that wasn’t his car, according to his blog (a call to the church […]