After widespread speculation of a Destiny's Child reunion on social media recently, the iconic R&B quartet-turned-trio's longtime manager Mathew Knowles officially confirmed that the ladies will not be "jumpin', jumpin'" back into the studio anytime soon.

Ty Hunter is one of the world’s most influential fashion gurus, whose work has been seen on almost every magazine cover. He has styled countless artists, including Beyonce and Destiny’s Child. He chatted with Erica Campbell about some of the seasonal trends you can whip out for maximum style at holiday events- and just because […]

It's no secret Michelle Williams is often the butt of many Destiny Child's jokes, but now, the songstress and actress has made it clear she has no problem with it.


President Obama made history on Wednesday by issuing the largest amount of commutations the nation has ever seen in a single day. He commuted the sentences of 214 federal inmates, many of whom were behind bars for low-level drug offenses. President Obama used these commutations as an avenue to directly combat lengthy minimum sentences. Some […]

Tops Charts on Billboard and Radio! Nashville, TN — Grammy winning singer, songwriter and actress Michelle Williams has garnered another hit album with her fourth…

Michelle Williams has a song so hot, inspirational and powerful that her Destiny’s Child group mates Beyonce and Kelly Rowland asked to be a part of…

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Michelle Williams, Beyonce, and Kelly Rowland went on to pursue successful solo careers after Destiny’s Child split. Michelle chose to part ways from secular music…

via:blackchristiannews Last night was not only a historical moment in American football history — it was also an iconic one for black women in general. The 2013 Superbowl notably featured several artists of color with tremendous talent. Jennifer Hudson emphatically opened the game singing “America the Beautiful” with the Sandy Hook Elementary School chorus while […]

via MyFoxHouston.Com A mini-museum is in the works for our ‘hometown hero’ and ‘international icon’ Beyonce Knowles. Armdeonce Ventures is planning to build a hall that will showcase wardrobe, and clips of Beyonce with Destiny’s Child. Read More

Reports are swirling that Beyonce's label is suggesting a Destiny's Child reunion due to the labels fear of her upcoming album may face underwhelming record sales. One former member is rumored not to be instrested in reuniting just yet.