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Michelle Williams took time out of her busy schedule to discuss the new David E Talbert play “What My Husband Doesn’t Know” and life. She will play the lead character Lena.

The play centers on interpretation of success, temptation, forgiveness and maturity.

Lena Summer (Michelle Williams) is the envy of all her friends. She has the big house and the successful husband. It’s the perfect life…or so it seems.   With her husband’s demanding career, the other side of her bed is too cold, too often. When a handsome young foreman is hired to do work on their home, the spark she’s been missing quickly rages into a wildlife that could cost her everything.

1. Why did you decide to take the role of Lena in “What My Husband Doesn’t Know”I had wanted to work with David for the last 5 years. Our schedules just did not link up until recently so when presented with this chance I said yes. David is not your typical playwright. He builds characters that you connect to at the most honest point. It is so cleverly written and inspiring.

2. What has been the “A-Ha” Moment in the last few years? Most recently, it has been to enjoy success. I was looking back at some old pictures and just thinking “Wow…’  When you are in the moment, you tend to not really think about the great things that are happening because you just have so much to do. I had a chance to look and see ‘Wow these were some good times. I had a lot of opportunity to do things that people on dream about.’”

3. Who is your inspiration? We as young people should get our inspiration from around us  Even spiritually, I read everyday and take the time to reflect.  Many people inspire me everyday I draw inspiration from hardworking people. I am inspired by my uncle and aunt who were the first to receive a Degrees. He is a physician. Musically I can’t help but be inspired by Whitney Houston and Billy Holiday. They are both women that are just inspiration.

4. What has been your teaching moment? The character I play goes through a transformation.She learns what forgiveness is. It’s forgiveness of yourself and forgiveness of others that has been the teaching moment. We have to think about those things and it’s when we get to those things that we understand what the forgiveness is. I think everyone will think when he or she sees he journey and the twist on the path.

5. What  type of diet are you following to prepare for the play? I m not really following a diet exactly.I have started becoming more conscious of living. Making sure that I am eating vegetables, fruits and drinking more water. When I did “Strictly Dancing”, I was not as conscious of my body because I was really working hard and doing the right things.

6. How are you keeping yourself focused with your busy schedule with the play? First, you have to take time out to really get it all together. You have to set aside that time for yourself to just get quiet. You have to think.

7. What has working on the play demanded that music does not? Wow, it’s blocking and costume fittings and music rehearsals. It takes a great team to make these plays happen. The amount of talent that creates the story that you act is amazing.

8. Which do you enjoy more music or plays? I enjoy both and am hoping to do both for a long time.

Go out,  see the play and have a conversation with your love ones. Remember  you only live once and when you are done you are done.

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