Rolling Stone Magazine says that a little friendly competition between couples is good for a relationship! Well, is that true in real life, or just…

via: According to the Houston Chronicle, Ha, 33, lost her sight at 19 due to Neuromyelitis optica. According to the Mayo Clinic, Neuromyelitis optica is an autoimmune disease which, among other things, attacks the optic nerves and can, as it did in the case of Ha, cause blindness. Ha won a place in the […]

via: Every year more than 400 teams compete in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s BBQ cook off. In fact, teams rarely leave so there is a long waiting list to enter. Teams such as “Asleep at the Grill” come with a Texas size grill, a bounty of sponsors and a long history of […]

The Black Celebrity Apprentice cast 2011 include: Star Jones, Lil Jon, LaToya Jackson, Dionne Warwick, NeNe Leakes. They discuss caring about how they want to be perceived and the real goal to raise money for charities to help the community. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Related articles: Can […]