In this edition of GRIFF's Prayer, GRIFF prays to God about getting rid of his Christmas tree.

via: Houston – Four townhouses were destroyed in an overnight fire that’s believed to have started in a Christmas tree. It broke out at townhouse complex on Litchfield and Memorial Drive just before 10 p.m. Monday, according to the Houston Fire Department. Read more:

(CNN) -- The tree is twinkling, carolers are singing, eggnog is flowing and your spouse is ... hunkered down in the other room, counting the seconds until the season is over. Can't he or she just suck it up and make with the merry? After all, who doesn't love the holidays?

via: A family in Idaho is surprised when they find a snake slithering through their tree. KIVI reports. See More Cassie

President Barack Obama spoke Thursday night, December 9th,  at the lighting of the national Christmas tree on the ellipse, just outside the White House: President Obama’s remarks at national Christmas tree lighting This is a very proud holiday tradition. Snow or shine, in good times and in periods of hardship, folks like you have gathered […]

By Matt Hickman via:shine Nothing says “holiday cheer” like packing up the family on a Saturday morning and heading out to pick a Christmas tree. Whether you stop by a big-box store or head to a local tree farm and cut your own, this cherished pastime has been replaced by some Americans with fake trees […]

The City of Houston is urging Houstonians to help the environment by recycling your Christmas trees. Trees will be ground into mulch and used where needed. Click Read More to find out who to call and locations to drop your trees off!