Photographer Nia Jones had no clue how much her life would change when she shot a wedding and met the man she would marry, Johnny Frazier. She gained a husband, help meet, and business partner all in one click of her camera. Like so many of us have heard, love shows up when you’re not […]

Does anyone remember that show Platinum Weddings? If not, the WE tv show profiled fabulous weddings that always came with a six-figure price tag — or higher! While the majority of us would have to give up our life savings (or a kidney ... or our firstborn) in order to afford that kind of soiree, the reality show definitely gave brides a skewed idea of how much they should be spending on their big day.

Check out these amazing natural styles you might want to try out for your big day.  

It seems like someone is always trying to come up with new wedding trends every year, but one bride has just gone all the way left with it. One happy couple caused an uproar on bridal Websites when her invitation to what she called a “Silent Shower” made its way to Reddit. “What is a […]

Whether it be for financial reasons or religious ones many lovebirds are turning to a Justice of the Peace to preside over their nuptials. This doesn’t mean that your wedding should be any less special, though. Having a civil ceremony can be just as elegant as a traditional wedding if you keep these three things […]

Planning a wedding is a BIG task. There are bound to be some stumbles on the planning road that leads to the alter. While there are many mistakes that you can make in the process of pulling the big day together, we’ve chosen to highlight three big mistakes that we see on a regular basis. […]