via: (CNN) — Ian Swanson was 5 when his family moved from the United States to Umeå, a small university town in northern Sweden. It was the place where he made his first friends, where he learned to read and where, like any kid, he was “into absolutely everything.” He occasionally got a spanking […]

The video of HPD Officers beating a teen burglar was finally released. Watch the shocking video.

According to our sister station, AM 1200 WCHB - Aretha Franklin is not pleased with the response of the police, the media or her former publicist. She accuses them of "gross inaccuracies" about an alleged attack on her son this week.

VIA KHOU: A 16-year-old allegedly attacked by eight Houston police officers says he was beaten so badly he blacked out. Police arrested Chad Holly in the 8400 block of Cook Road on March 24. A security camera at Uncle Bob’s Self Storage captured the alleged beating on video. In an exclusive interview with 11 News […]