by Jeffrey R. Kosnett via:yahoofinance   Confession: I hate to pay for parking. Unless it’s as hot as Iraq or raining cats and dogs, I will do whatever it takes to find a legal space on the street, preferably free. And I’m good at it. It mainly takes […]


Credit card fees and rewards programs exacerbate income inequality by acting as a transfer of wealth from poor to rich, according to a Federal Reserve Bank of Boston study released Monday.


                via:yahoonews    Bank of America Corp plans to offer an online bank account that charges an $8.95 monthly fee for paper statements and using tellers, as it looks for ways to make up for income lost because of new regulations. As part of the new account targeted at […]

I went to my bank on Saturday, and they told me this was coming. WE NEED TO GET READY FOR THIS YA'LL!